Lizzmonade – Like No Other

Lizzmonade – Like No Other

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In the summer, my hubby works at a lot of festivals cooking up Bar-B-Q and soaking up the sun. Me and the munchkins usually visit him and play some chances and bounce in the bouncy castles! I always see lemonade at almost every vendor booth, it's a traditional summer thirst quencher for sure.  While they usually use fresh lemons, they also use a lot of sugar, so I am not a huge fan of festival lemonade, that is, I wasn't, UNTIL yesterday.

My husband wanted me to try the lemonade he had earlier in the day - he said it was the best lemonade he's ever had! Of course, my first question was, "How sweet was it?"

His reply, "No babe, you will love this stuff. It's all natural and not a lot of sugar. Mine even had mint in it!"

Curious I went with him to the stand called "Lizzmonade", and was in HAPPY HEALTHY FOODIE OVERLOAD!!

Michael was right - Lizzmonade makes each glass to order, fresh right in front of your eyes, and offers a choice of sweeteners: Natural Sugar, Agave, or Stevia!! And, lemons are just the beginning. My mouth was watering at the menu with drink options such as "Rustic Blackberry", "Hotsy Totsy Mango", "Cherry Tart", and  "That's Just Peachy" just to name a few!! Lizzmonade mixes in real fresh, crushed  fruit with a variety of add-ins such as ginger, mint, habanero, and even basil!!

I opted for ginger and peach lemonade sweetened with a pinch of stevia - and words do not do this drink justice!! Enamored immediately, I asked Lizz where I could find them again?! She told me (at this time) they do festivals and farmer's markets, as well as private catering. So,  I went to their website and found their Events Calender HERE.

And, of course, I love their slogan: "Lizzmonade: Changing sour faces into SMILES, one lemon at a time." Lizz - you are an Inspirista!!

Check out the Lizzmonade Website HERE and the Lizzmonade Facebook Page HERE