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Inspired Girl

FAQ + Materials for Meeting Planners & anyone else who is curious ;)

What does Jennifer speak about?
Jennifer Tuma-Young is known best for her teachings on stress, balance, and purpose. She has a vast array of knowledge and experience, so she can speak to many different topics to inspire and assist audiences with living to their fullest potential as human beings. She fires up faith, helps people create new intentions, and inspires people to take purposeful action! Jennifer can speak to such topics as minimizing stress, finding balance, the gift of time, releasing limiting beliefs, identifying anchors, working together as a team, crystal clear communication, creating a vision, goal setting, and serving others. The best thing to do is email us and in a conversation, we can determine the needs of your group and send you a specific speaking proposal!
Does Jennifer have experience as a professional speaker?
Yes! In addition to delivering her eighth grade graduation speech in 1990 {guess that gave her the inkling she was born to communicate}, Jennifer Tuma-Young has traveled the country over the last decade+ designing and delivering inspirational content for corporations, organizations, groups, and small businesses. She has been blessed to be a keynote speaker {as well as a breakout session workshop leader} for hundreds of conferences, retreats, and events with audiences ranging from 5 to 50 to 500+.
How does Jennifer’s work help employers?
People are whole beings, when their personal life is off-kilter, this drastically affects their work. Even a little stress or negativity in the workplace can EAT AWAY at the company. Remember, by lowering the stress level and working together to contribute to the vision and mission of the company, you will increase employee engagement! And by investing in your team’s well being, you are not only improving their lives and their family’s lives, it will result in an overall commitment to excellence in all aspects. If you’d like to increase productivity, and/or inject passion + energy into the workplace, contact us and we can discuss your organization’s specific needs.
Will Jennifer provide materials and handouts?
Absolutely, yes! Jennifer has a ton of content and assigns materials specific to the needs of your group.
Where is Jennifer located and traveling from?
Jennifer lives in New Jersey, and travels out of Newark Airport (EWR) or LaGuardia Airport (LGA).
Does Jennifer need media equipment?
This is totally dependent on the group and type of event. Jennifer has spoken everwhere from being barefoot in the sand with no electronics in sight, to fully equipped conference centers, to smaller venues with no need for equipment. If you’d like a PowerPoint, Jennifer can provide the presentation and laptop, as long as you have hook ups and a screen! Some equipment that has been provided by meeting planners and/or venues [list type="ol" style="01"]Projectors^ Screen^ Whiteboards^ Chalkboards {Jennifer’s favorite}[/list]
The BIG Q ~ What are Jennifer’s speaking fees?
I know you want an answer right now, but this is dependent on a number of factors, including the date, the audience size, the length of time, the type of group and/or event, what materials will be necessary {or even simply ‘nice to have’- for example if the the audience receives a copy of her book, or if Jennifer brings custom gratitude gifts for each participant}…so with so many factors, we’d like to discuss your needs to create a custom proposal just for you!
Does Jennifer ever speak pro-bono or for free?
Jennifer loves to speak, and feels it is part of her life mission. She chooses 4 events per year to speak pro bono without an honorarium. If you’re interested in hiring Jennifer to speak, but have budget limitations, don’t worry! Reach out to us with the details of your event and/or organization, and if there’s no space available for a probono offer, we can either provide ideas to garner sponsors, or discuss creative ways to fund the event.

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Bio {175 Words}

Jennifer Tuma-Young is an entrepreneur, writer, speaker, dreamer, foodie, wife, mother, believer, and inspiration junkie! She believes nothing is impossible. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. She is the founder of Inspirista Lifestyle Design and creator of the Inspired Girl Blog. For over fifteen years, she has worked with thousands of women, and travels the country speaking at events, for nonprofits, and in the media. In her daily life, she is the co-creative force behind her family business, The Domesticated Dad Catering Company where she works with her incredible food-creating husband serving awesome, homemade meals in their community. Recently dubbed one of “America’s Ultimate Experts” in life balance and inspired living by Woman’s World Magazine, Jennifer has appeared on over 300 television and radio programs, including Rachael Ray, and ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX News. Her articles and tips are featured online and in print in major outlets such as Martha Stewart Living, Yahoo Shine, Maria Shriver, and Forbes. Jennifer’s books are available nationwide wherever books are sold.

Bio {250 Words}

Jennifer Tuma-Young is a writer, a speaker, a dreamer, a student, a teacher, a creative, a believer, a foodie, a wife, a mother, and an inspiration junkie! She believes nothing is impossible. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

Like everybody else, Jennifer has faced challenges in her life. She had a huge wake-up call with her health, experienced major financial issues, and has struggled with self-esteem.

In several pivotal moments, she felt shifts in her spirit leading her to choose possibilities over limitations, opportunities over challenges, gratitude over striving for more – from overcoming diabetes to discovering more joy having coffee on her porch than the crazy quest of seeking it out all over Italy. She is still constantly learning, growing, evolving, but Jennifer believes with faith, intention, and purposeful practice, we can each create whatever we want for our lives, and with God all things are possible.

Jennifer created the Inspired Girl Blog, and for over fifteen years she has worked with thousands of people on identifying their anchors, clarifying their vision, bouncing back from challenges, and awakening from the inside-out. In her daily life, she is the co-creative force behind her family business, The Domesticated Dad Catering Company where she works with her incredible food-creating husband serving awesome, homemade meals in their community.

Dubbed one of “America’s Ultimate Experts”, she’s a sought-after speaker and media guest on nationally syndicated TV shows such as Rachael Ray, The 700 Club, and Better, and on news affiliates of ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC. Her tips can be found on the web on Anderson Live!, Maria Shriver, and The Huffington Post.