I am a writer. a speaker. a student. a teacher. a creative. a believer. a foodie. a wife. a mother. an inspiration junkie. I believe nothing is impossible. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Headshot

Like everybody else, I have faced challenges in my life. I had a huge wake-up call with my health, experienced major financial issues, and have struggled with self-esteem.
Smack. Wake Up.

In several pivotal aha moments, I felt shifts in my spirit which led me to choose growth over status quo, possibilities over limitations, opportunities over challenges, gratitude over striving for more - from overcoming borderline diabetes, to releasing 100 pounds of weight from my body to discovering more joy having coffee on my porch than the crazy quest of seeking it out in a café in Italy. I am still constantly learning, growing, evolving, but...

I believe with faith, intention, and purposeful practice, we can each create whatever we want for our lives, and have a BLAST doing it!

So, I founded the development company Inspirista, and for over a decade I have worked (in various shapes and forms) with individuals, companies & organizations on clarifying their vision, communicating their mission, reigniting their spark, shifting their mindset, bouncing back from challenges, and transforming from the inside-out.

Today, I balance my time between being with my precious gifts from God (LuLu and the Little Man), and writing, speaking, teaching, learning, spending time with women and children in shelters (and raising awareness) for Enchanted Makeovers, and working with my mom! I also mentor some amazing women on sharing their gifts with the world!

Writing Makes Me Happy!

When I had my daughter six years ago,  I began writing even more, as a means to communicate what I had learned (and explore my own life a bit). It was also a way I figured I could be home much of the time with her, writing while she napped or late at night. Although I didn't quite know how to make a career from it, I loved to write, so a collection of my writings eventually became my  blog. The blog has also evolved, and is now an online portal for all things inspiring called "Inspirista Lifestyle". My personal blog called "Inspired Girl" can be found on the site as well.

Born to Communicate

I believe I was born to write and communicate. I have been writing since I could hold a pen, and speaking in public since, well, I could speak...about life, fear, overcoming obstacles, kindness, connecting, self-discovery.

Miraculously, I have been blessed to be able to share my story and what I've learned in the media, on TV, radio, in print, on the web, and soon in my forthcoming book, the Inspirista's Guide to 'Balance Your Life, Balance the Scale' being released by HarperOne (HarperCollins) in September 2012.

More Tidbits

I am a dreamer. I have child-like faith. I am a girl's girl. I wear my heart on my sleeve, and am passionate and energetic.

I believe in the beauty of every person. I know we all have a gift, a talent, and sharing it with the world plugs us in to life. Our gift can present itself in a number of ways large and small, play out in many different forms throughout our lifetime, and sometimes we can feel more plugged into purpose by experiencing a simple human connection rather than by anything grandiose

I love coffee (probably too much), anything with peanut butter, and I can spill something just by looking at it.

I've learned balance (in the form of having all of your ducks neatly in a row) is bunk, that we can each define our own meaning and method for balance, we can set our own terms for success, and that real joy is not something that is dependent on circumstance or stuff.

I believe our worth should not be attached to any string: not the size of our jeans, the number on the scale, the amount of money in our bank accounts - we are worthy no strings attached.

I soak up every fun-filled, teary eyed moment with my precious gifts from God, Millana Elle and Ewing James. Yes, tantrums and all ;)

I absolutely know we are constantly learning and teaching; we are both teachers and students of life. Sometimes we teach what we most need to learn, and sometimes we have to make the same mistake over and over again to get the lesson. Mistakes, failures, tests & trials are essential opportunities for growth, appreciation, and connecting to the human spirit. Basically, sometimes life is a messy mess, but there is beauty in it all. The cracked pot shines the most light.