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Gentleness, Power, and Wounds

“Only the gentle are ever really strong.” ~ James Dean And then, this random thought: the deeper the wound, the thicker the skin. The thicker the skin, the harder the surface. The harder the surface, the tougher it is. We [...]

February 26, 2017 Blog Posts, Diaries, Feel Grace, My Life, My Life Featured

Tip for Tasty Brown Rice

Here’s a simple tip for tasty brown rice (or raw oatmeal or quinoa)!! Add your favorite type of tea bag to the pot of boiling water ~ it will fill the rice or oats with delicious, natural flavors!! You can [...]

February 24, 2017 Blog Posts, Eat, Eat Well Featured, Food

Super Fudgy Homemade Brownies ~ 3 Ways

Sometimes you just need a little fudge fix, right?! And bite sized brownies do just the trick!! In our family business, The Domesticated Dad, I’m in charge of the baking. I’m not a professional {at all!!}, but I am a [...]

February 21, 2017 Blog Posts, Eat, Eat Well Featured, Food
Mayor Ball

Ocean Township Mayor’s Ball 2017

To Benefit The Mya Lin Terry Foundation and Community Hope Fund WHEN: October 28, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 11:30 pm WHERE: Buona Sera Palazzo 1033 W Park Ave Ocean Township, NJ 07712 USA CONTACT: Kelly Terry 732-861-9236 You May [...]

February 15, 2017 Blog Posts, Help Others, Help Others Featured

Predicting the Potholes

Early AM (Random) Thought: We love what we know. There is safety and comfort with that which is familiar. But, if I know Him, then I know me, and if I know me, I know you. And only then love [...]

February 15, 2017 Balance, Blog Posts, Find Balance Featured

Revisiting My Lesson: Where’s the Map?

Sometimes I have to go back to my own words. I know that God keeps His promise, but his will for our life may be different than what we (think we) want. A few months ago it became very clear [...]

February 9, 2017 Blog Posts, Diaries, Dream Big, Feel Grace, Life, My Life Featured

No Such Thing as Luck – A Short Story

I was speaking with a gentleman today, and he mentioned that his wife was looking to go back to work for extra money, but she needs something very flexible. I suggested perhaps she start a business out of her hobbies [...]

February 8, 2017 Blog Posts, Diaries, Dream Big, Dream Big Featured, Life, My Life, My Life Featured
paint can

Worn Out, Weathered, and Surrendered

Early AM (Random) Thought: The soul at peace does not find fault in our humanness, but rather accepts our weaknesses, lifts us up to our potential, and forgives our mistakes because the soul at peace sees God through our cracks [...]

February 8, 2017 Blog Posts, Diaries, Dream Big, Dream Big Featured, Feel Grace, Life, My Life, My Life Featured

Random Early AM Thought: Comparing Compassion

Seeing so many beautiful people compare “compassion” {or anything for that matter} and judging one another creates a little tinge of sadness in me, because while we do have differences, we are all at the root the same, and everything [...]

February 7, 2017 Blog Posts

Super Simple, Creative, ‘n Meaningful Gift Ideas

There are lots of simple ways anyone can give a creative Valentine’s Day gift with homemade touches and lots of meaning, even if you are not-so-crafty and / or you are on a tight budget. All of these ideas are [...]

February 7, 2017 Blog Posts, DIY Fun, Uncategorized