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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Connecting on Halloween

Today’s SPARK tip is all about connecting on Halloween. It’s Halloween. Many people view it as an opportunity to have fun, be a character, eat some chocolate. Others see it as a “kids” day filled with school parades, trick or [...]

October 31, 2012 Balance, Blog Posts

Sunday Sing Along ~ Who Am I?

Just a Sunday morning reminder that God is always there for us. He loves us all – broken and beautiful! Sing it out loud with me – Who am I? by Casting Crowns. The powerful lyrics are below the video! [...]

October 28, 2012 Blog Posts, Latest, Sing Along

An Exercise to Identify Your Anchors

September 25th was the official release date of my book, Balance Your Life, Balance the Scale! I am so grateful to everyone who is out there purchasing it, and spreading the word about it!! After years of rejections and challenges, [...]

October 7, 2012 Balance, Blog Posts, Latest