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Not Until We are Lost…

“Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.” ~Henry David Thoreau What have you discovered about yourself? You May Also Want to Check Out... Midday Break: My Italy Trip and Eat Pray Love Happy International Woman's Day- [...]

April 30, 2012 Blog Posts, Quotes

Make Saturday Sweeter: Leave Behind Lolli-Flowers

When one of our incredible blog readers, Shalon, posted a comment about Kind Over Matter, I immediately went to their website. It was love at first sight. Shalon mentioned “Lolli-Flowers” that she read about on Kind Over Matter , and [...]

April 28, 2012 Blog Posts, DIY Fun, Style

Saturday Inspiration – What Love Really Means

I was speaking with a dear friend yesterday, and her mind was racing about things she felt she could have done differently in her life, mistakes she thought she made. It saddened me a bit, because she is such an [...]

April 28, 2012 Blog Posts, Sing Along, Sing Along

Midday Break: 10 Tips for Instant "Balance"

Write a midday”to-do” list. Bonus points for smiling when writing it. Drink lots of water- add lemon for an extra zing. Organize your space bit by bit- start by organizing just the space you’re working in right now. Give someone [...]

April 27, 2012 Balance, Blog Posts

Speed – A MountainWings Moment

My dear friend Frenchie sent out this blog post today called ‘Speed’ (link below), and I had to share it with my favorite blog readers! It is so amazing what we learn in every moment of our lives;  lessons are [...]

April 22, 2012 Balance, Blog Posts, Life

A Day in the Food-Life of Nutritionist, Best Selling Author, & Inspirista – Cynthia Sass

I had the pleasure of being introduced to Cynthia Sass last year, and felt an immediate connection. She is warm, genuine, and very down-to-earth! Ok, I love her for those reasons AND because she makes chocolate mandatory daily!! You may [...]

April 18, 2012 Blog Posts, Food

Random Late Night Thought…and a Quote

I had this random thought. I don’t know why it popped into my head, maybe because sometimes I think back to how I was in my 20′s, thinking I had all of the answers, that I knew everything, only to [...]

April 16, 2012 Blog Posts, Diaries, Life, Quotes
taxi sign

A Man on a Curb, a Taxi Driver, and Insights from My Manicurist

Last week I had to go to Los Angeles for a quick trip. When I arrived, there was a slight issue with my rental car, and since I was exhausted from the 3 flights it took to get there, I [...]

April 7, 2012 Blog Posts, Diaries, Feel Grace, Life, My Life, My Life Featured