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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Hurt, Healing, and Practicing True Forgiveness

“The practice of forgiveness is our most important contribution to the healing of the world.” ~ Marianne Williamson Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about forgiveness. I think everyone has had relationships (from friendship to family to romantic to work) that [...]

January 26, 2012 Balance, Blog Posts, Diaries, Feel Grace, Find Balance Featured, Life

Are You Living in the Dash? Eric Handler Reminds Us to Live Our Legacy Now…

When I saw Eric Handler’s TEDx video on Facebook, I knew I had to share it with my favorite blog readers. My words won’t do his justice, so simply watch as Eric describes his WAKE UP moment thanks to a [...]

January 19, 2012 Blog Posts, Life, Quotes

8 Instant Mood (and Temperature!) Boosters for Winter Blues

So, it's cold and wintery. Here are 8 instant mood boosters to kick the winter blues to the curb and help us to stay warm without raising the thermostat... [...]

January 13, 2012 Balance, Blog Posts, DIY Fun

Sunday Morning – Sing It Loud

I love this song! It’s just a beautiful reminder of what a strong anchor (and compass) faith can be in our lives! Sing it loud this Sunday morning, and know that no matter what is happening, God helps us through… [...]

January 8, 2012 Blog Posts, Sing Along

Creamy Yogurt Deliciousness and My Cinnamon Kick

This morning I was in a bit of a rush, and did not have a clue what to eat for breakfast – note to self: must. go. food. shopping. I am on a bit of cinnamon kick lately, and have [...]

January 4, 2012 Blog Posts, Eat, Eat Well Featured, Food

Get Up & Sing: What Faith Can Do

This year, instead of making a resolution, choose to take your true dreams out of hiding. Write your dreams down. Speak them aloud. Share them with others. Your spirit will awaken, and you will be who you were born to [...]

January 2, 2012 Blog Posts, Sing Along, Sing Along